Why Sex Toys Should Never Be Taboo

Because getting yourself off is the best.

It’s a fact that masturbation is good for you. It releases the brain’s ‘happy hormones’, reduces stress and boosts sexual confidence, all while leaving your body rippling with pleasure. Some studies claim it even betters your immune system. So if you don’t already make time for ‘me time’ and own a proud collection of sex toys, now’s the time to start.

From vibrators and dildos, to bullets and beyond, orgasm-inducing products are pretty much the best way to get to know yourself. They help you learn the erogenous zones that spike your arousal, the types of touch that turn you on, the amount of pressure you like – and that’s just the tip of the erotic iceberg. There are movements, directions, textures and timings to play with, too.

 “Sex toys are a great way to explore your body and what it enjoys,”

says psychosexual and relationship therapist Aoife Drury. “The process of understanding how you can bring your body pleasure is an incredibly empowering experience, and toys allow you to uncover a lot more than your fingers do.”

The good news for us (and our orgasms) is that the sex toy industry has made much-needed progress in recent years. Vibrators are sliding off the top shelves and out of the backstreet shops into the mainstream, shedding their previous shame. But Aoife explains that some parts of society still need to play catch-up.

“There’s the belief that using a sex toy means your partner isn’t a good enough lover. But perhaps, more than anything, there is poor sex education. The vulva and vagina are complex and intrinsic pieces of anatomy, so education surrounding the pleasurable aspects can be left out – dare I say avoided. This lack of knowledge leads to misunderstanding, bias and stigma.”

Thankfully, a new wave of women are challenging outdated myths and clueing themselves up on what pleasure means to them. The result? Really amazing experiences with sex toys. The benefits aren’t just limited to solo use either, they can be a great way to bring some spice into an already existing relationship.

“Sex toys present novel ways of being intimate. They can facilitate a wider way of connecting sexually. They also can provide some fun and excitement that may be different and fresh,” reveals Aoife.

Want in? We don’t blame you. We’ve got some of the world’s best sex toys right here, ready and waiting to give you the best wanks of your life. Just remember not to spring a monster vibrator on your partner without having a chat about consent first.

“Always have an open, honest and sober conversation. If you decide to bring toys in, bring them in together. Try to make it a fun and connecting experience and make sure that you are both enjoying them.”

And if you’re not sure where to kickoff your sensual adventure?

“Don’t overwhelm yourself. A basic toy, like a wand or a bullet, is the easiest way to begin. See how you feel, find out what you like and what you don’t. And don’t worry about whether you’re doing it the ‘right way’, start by just doing what feels good!”

Written by Claire Blackmore, @cla_ireb

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