Silicone Kegel Exercise Balls

These silicone kegel exercise balls are a perfect fusion of pleasure and pelvic floor exercise. Silky smooth to the touch, these can be heated or cooled for added sensory play sensations. Internal clay balls rattle to create vibrations. Additional pull cord for safe retrieval.

Intensify Solo Play:

While lying in bed, put your Kegel balls inside your vagina, and start to squeeze your pelvic muscles. As you become more aroused and self-lubricated, begin to explore your body. Grab your favourite vibrator. As you squeeze, rub your vibrator on your clitoris and around your vaginal opening.

Intensify Couple Play:

You can insert them before you head out on your date or make insertion the first part of an intense round of foreplay. The longer the balls are in, the more aroused you’ll be when it’s time for the main event.

Just make sure to pull the balls out before your partner — or another toy — slides in.


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Kegel balls come in different weights – normally beginner, intermediate and then advanced. Start wherever you feel comfortable and work up to a heavier weight when you feel your muscles have become stronger and you’ve peaked with that weight. Due to the pull cord and standard weight, these silicone pleasure balls are great for beginners and intermediates.
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Silicone Kegel Exercise Balls

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