Organic Water Based Lube


One thing we want to do at gal pal is make sure that we supply the best products possible, which are good for you and good for your body. That’s why we took time to find the perfect lube – designed to work in harmony with your body, with no nasty chemicals.

YES lubricants represent an innovative departure from traditional lubricant formulations, using pure plant gums to replace the usual glycerine or silicone ingredient base – avoiding all concerning chemical ingredients.

Water-based lube is a must for use with most sex toys. It won’t stain your bed sheets or warp your favourite vibrator and is condom safe too!

Oil-based lube has a thicker consistency to water-based lube – making it more suitable for anal sex or for use underwater.

We should point out that oil-based lubes are not suitable for use with condoms, however this particular oil-based lube does double as a massage oil, and is good for your skin – so no need to wash off!

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Yes Lube Enhances sexual pleasure and sensitivity
Excellent moisturising properties and pH balanced to maintain vaginal health
Safe for use with silicone toys
Compatible with natural rubber, latex and polyisoprene condoms

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Organic water-based lube, Organic plant oil-based lube