Navigating your way through the world of lesbian sex toys

sex toys for lesbians

Sex with another woman is an incredible thing. Understanding a woman’s body as someone also with a vagina is an advantage as you know what feels good yourself – but it’s also just extremely hot making another woman orgasm, right!?

It’s so much fun to experiment with your partner and learn what things feel good for you and for them. Sex toys can add a whole new level of excitement for you gay gals out there. We thought we’d put together a collection of gal-on-gal-friendly sex toys to help give you some inspiration and shine some light on any questions you might have!

Sex Toys Explained

basics of sex toys

Whether you love the intensity of a buzzing vibe, the fullness of a dildo or the suction of a sonic – it’s all down to pleasure preference. But with so many sex toys out there (like, a gazillion) where do you even start? In our handy guide below, we’ve laid out the basics.

Why Sex Toys Should Never Be Taboo


It’s a fact that masturbation is good for you. It releases the brain’s ‘happy hormones’, reduces stress and boosts sexual confidence, all while leaving your body rippling with pleasure.