Sex Toys Explained

from massagers and wands, to oral sex simulators – welcome to your pleasure guide

Whatever your gender, sexuality or anatomy, we can pretty much guarantee there’s a sex toy out there for you. Whether you love the intensity of a buzzing vibe, the fullness of a dildo or the suction of a sonic – it’s all down to pleasure preference. But with so many sex toys out there (like, a gazillion) where do you even start? In our handy guide below, we’ve laid out the basics.


Vibrators are sex toys that, simply, vibrate! Back in the 00s they all looked like penises, but the world of kink has moved on. These buzzing masturbation tools now come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with a whole range of power settings, from super-gentle to turbo-charged. Think bullets, rabbits, G-spot vibrators, hands-free and wearable vibes, eggs, wands, and even palm vibrators shaped like smooth massage stones.

Rocks Off Crimson Kiss Bullet Vibrator – £15.99

They can be used externally on the clitoris (probably the most common place), internally in the vagina or for anal play. So why are they so popular? Well, the vibrating sensation awakens the nerve endings, making it one of the easiest ways to orgasm.

Try Dame’s versatile vibrator, Fin, for some electric finger fun or invest in a long, smooth rocket like the Blush Novelties Nude Impressions Vibe, which doubles up as a strap-on.

Dame Products Fin Vibrator – £58


Now *technically* massagers – also known as wands – count as vibes, but we’ve singled them out because of the way they stimulate the erogenous zones. While most vibrators focus all their whizzing power on one specific target, these larger toys penetrate entire areas resulting in a different kind of climax altogether.

How? First up, they tend to vibrate at a lower frequency, meaning the sensation feels more like a rumble rather than a buzz. Second up, these old-school designs are usually shaped like microphones – soft, rounded tips, sometimes as big as tennis balls, supported by long, tapered handles – which literally massage whole sections of skin (think of all those hidden nerve endings in your clit!)

Try Svakom’s Mini Emma for a modern twist on the massager. Its flexi-head will stimulate you in all directions.

Svakom’s Mini Emma – £54.99


Dildos are sex toys that don’t vibrate. They essentially mimic an erect penis and are made for penetration during masturbation – or with a partner if you want to get spicy with a strap-on. The main deciding factors when shopping for one? Length, girth and feel. From long and thin to short and thick, silicone to glass, smooth to textured, there are so many options to try.

This might not be the best option if you find it hard to climax through penetration alone, but dildos can feel great as part of a blended orgasm. That being said, if your G-spot is your best friend, they will change your solo sex life forever. Don’t forgot: all dildos can be used inside the vagina, but only some are safe for anal penetration. Look out for ones that have a flared base to stop them slipping up your butt!

Try the Blush Novelties Nude Ergo, which features an amazing suction cup for shower fun. Plus, it’s harness compatible.

Blush Novelties Nude Ergo – £25.99

Clit suction toys

Oral sex toys haven’t been on the scene that long, but they’ve already caused a storm among sex experts – not to mention countless orgasms. Unlike vibes and massagers, these sonic babies are all about suction instead of vibration, and work by creating airwaves around the clit that suck it upwards. Basically, they mimic the feeling of someone eating you out really damn well.

Most of the designs have heads like small mouths which engulf the clit and do the work for you. Literally, some of them you don’t even have to move. The feeling? Apparently it’s like a sex angel sucking out an orgasm from your very core. So if clit-stim is your failsafe way to climax, this sounds like the one for you.

Try Lelo’s best-selling Sona – a sleek design that stimulates 75% more of your clit and gets you there quickly.

Lelo Sona – was £119, now £63!

Sex toys are a fun addition to any sex life. Whether it’s for some alone time or with a partner(s), don’t be afraid to mix things up a little bit and try something new!

Written by Claire Blackmore, @cla_ireb 

Blush Novelties - Nude Ergo Dildo