Play and Roulette Game

Explore a new level of intimacy with the Play And Roulette Game. Spin the wheel and engage in sensual activities, then discover Kamasutra positions to enjoy with your partner. Aim to satisfy and delight, but beware, the first one to orgasm loses the game!


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Play and Roulette Game

Key Features
  • Unique twist on the classic roulette concept
  • Three independent moving parts: activity, body part, and frequency/time
  • Engage in exciting activities and explore Kamasutra positions
  • Designed to provide pleasure and deepen intimacy
  • 1 Roulette wheel & 2 Die

A game of roulette with a difference!

This game offers a unique twist on the classic roulette concept, with three independent moving parts. Each part represents an activity to be performed, a body part, and the frequency or time of the action. Take turns spinning the wheel and engaging in exciting activities until the arousal level reaches its peak.

At that point, spin the central arrow to reveal a Kamasutra position to enjoy with your partner. The game is designed to provide pleasure and intimacy, with the goal of making your partner moan with delight. But remember, the first one to orgasm loses the game!

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