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Follow our solo sex tips for better play time

Keen to take your masturbation game up a notch? Whether you want to explore your body on a deeper level, improve your technique or give yourself your first ever orgasm, there are plenty of ways to satisfy yourself through solo sex.

But where to start? Despite recent research proving that many women enjoy private play just as much as men, it’s something we rarely talk about. A crazy notion considering that masturbation is not only great for sexual wellbeing, confidence and overall happiness but a crucial way to figure out what you like in the bedroom.

So if you’re lucky enough to know exactly what causes you to climax but want to discover more of those untapped sweetspots, or you’re not even sure where to start, follow gal pal’s tips to make the most of your steamy downtime.


Kickstart your next self-exploration session with an open mind. Forget how you’ve masturbated in the past, this time set off with a clean slate and focus on learning what you really like. Does your body respond to tickling, teasing, rubbing, stroking, pinching, twisting? Are you into anal play, penetration or clit stimulation (or all three)? What movements cause your stomach to swirl with pleasure? Is it side-to-side sweeps of the clit, come hither motions of the G-spot or a feeling of fullness in your butt?

The point is different people like different moves, locations and pressures – remember, sexual experiences are always unique – so take time to work out what gets you going and don’t be afraid to explore the places you’ve never been before.


There tends to be two camps when it comes to lube, people that are seriously into it and people that think it’s only to combat dryness. Newsflash: there’s no shame in whipping out the wet stuff. It can actually turn your pleasure sensors up to the max. Lube enhances sensations down below and allows a silky, frictionless glide that, frankly, feels amazing. If you’re a lube virgin, let it change your life.

We looked far and wide for the best lube to include on our website, and found ‘Yes Lube (vegan & organic)’ which uses pure plant gums to replace the usual glycerine or silicone ingredient base – avoiding all concerning chemical ingredients.

Water-based lube is a must for use with most sex toys. It won’t stain your bed sheets or warp your favourite vibrator and is condom safe too! Oil-based lube has a thicker consistency to water-based lube – making it more suitable for anal sex or for use underwater. We should point out that oil-based lubes are not suitable for use with condoms; however the Yes oil-based lube does double as a massage oil, and is good for your skin too – so no need to wash off!

Lube is definitely worth a try if you haven’t already – it could be the key to unlocking that next level of sexual pleasure!


If you haven’t already tried this tease technique, now is the time. ‘Edging’ is basically when you bring yourself to the brink of an orgasm but don’t let yourself climax. It’s tricky to exercise the self-control this tactic needs at first but trust us when we say it’s worth it. The sex trick intensifies orgasms, makes them last longer, and causes them to feel SO much sweeter when they finally explode inside you.

So lube up, get to know your ‘stop spot’ by experimenting with fingers and toys then halt right just before you tip over the edge. Repeat the process three or four times – or until you just can’t take it any longer – then let yourself go. You’ll notice stronger sensations almost instantly.


Sex toys can really turbocharge an orgasm so it’s definitely worth investing in a few – there’s nothing quite like the pressure of a rumbling vibrator in the place that makes your legs weak. Designed for both external and internal stimulation, gal pal has a thrilling selection to explore.

If awakening your clit is top of your solo sex list, try Lelo’s Ora II – a toy that rotates and pulsates, like a tongue, but better. Or Svakom’s Mini Emma – a waterproof wand massager that will bring you climax after climax thanks to its strong vibrating head. Try LovingJoy’s Versa vibrator if you want to embark on the hunt for your G-spot (it bends to your will so can reach those untapped areas) or strengthen those orgasms with a pair of Blush Novelties Double O Kegel Balls.


Once you’ve found your sexual hotspots and the toys or techniques that arouse them, try heightening the whole experience. Set the scene with some candles, a soft blanket and a sexy playlist to get your juices flowing (there are tons ready to go on Spotify if you need some inspiration). The right mood can really help your mind switch off, which makes focusing on your body so much easier. The more your relax and zone in on how things feel, the more intense your pleasure will be.

Also, don’t forget to try different positions. Switch from your back to your front, try spreading your legs wide, go on your side, flip over to doggy – the position can change the way you touch yourself so it’s worth experimenting with that too.

Remember, there are no rules when it comes to masturbation. Just keep on exploring to find what rocks your world, because everyone deserves earth-shattering orgasms.

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