female orgasm

The Female Orgasm & Remy Kassimir

Only a year ago, 28-year-old Remy Kassimir had never had an orgasm. Thanks to Sex And The City’s pretty unrealistic sex scenes, the stand-up comic thought she might never climax because “three pumps of a penis” didn’t have her screaming like Samantha Jones. Luckily, her mindset switched when she realised the only person who could figure out what she liked in the bedroom was herself – which is where her pleasure party began.

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why can't I orgasm

Why can’t I orgasm?

Find yourself faking orgasms because you can’t seem to reach that famous mind-blowing moment? You’re not alone. Multiple studies have found that roughly 80 per cent of women can’t orgasm through penetrative sex – at least not without a toy, finger or tongue. First things first: stimulate your clit in every which way to try and release that magical feeling.

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