4 Orgasmic Solo Sex Positions To Try With A Toy

Best Solo Sex Positions With Toys

Turbo-charge your orgasms by switching up your moves

Got a go-to masturbation position? We’re guessing most of you throw your head back, spread your legs wide and let your butt sink deep into the mattress. It’s a classic bed/vibrator pose, right? Or, are you more of a hip-thruster who pushes their pelvis up to the sky when they spend some one-on-one time with their massager?

Either way (or any which way) you go solo, there’s definitely nothing wrong with knowing ~exactly~ how to bring on an orgasm. In fact, if you’ve got it sussed out, treasure your method because climaxing isn’t all that easy for everyone. But if you have found yourself repeating those familiar moves again and again, it might be time to mix things up.

Here are four spicy, sexy body moves to try if they don’t already feature on your masturbation menu. Read below for the best solo sex positions with toys!

The flip and dip

Turn your body over so you’re lying with your stomach on the bed. Then, arch your back and pop your butt into the air creating a gap between your hips and the sheets. Now reach back through your legs and play solo with whatever sex toy floats your boat. This position works well if you’re into a vibrator/clit combo as well as P-in-the-V penetration as you have maximum exposure. Plus the fact that the stimulation is out of sight means there’s some kind of mystery element. Let your imagination run wild and make sure you’re tensing those pelvic muscles to heighten your O.

The headrush

You know that ultra-comfortable position we were talking about earlier? If this really works and you don’t want to mess with it, why not spice up the pose with a cherry on top? Lie as you would on your back with your legs spread wide. However, place your head at the edge of the bed (rather than nestling it into a fluffy pillow). Then, when that surge of pleasure starts to take hold of your body, drop your head back over the side and let that rush of blood to the head bring an extra sprinkle of pleasure to your O.

The power stance

This one can be done wherever you fancy as long as you’re standing up. Think in the shower, up against a wall, the kitchen table – get creative. Once you’ve found your solo spot, place one leg higher up if you can or bend your knees into a high squat. Then, get to work with your chosen toy. Remaining upright means the muscles in your pelvis and your butt have to work harder, which brings on a more powerful orgasm. Just don’t forget how wobbly your legs can get mid-climax so hold onto something if you can!

Side and slide

If you sleep in spoons, this one is going to come so naturally to you. Move your body onto its side and let your legs and arms relax into whatever pose feels comfortable. Then bring the top leg close to your chest and leave the leg touching the sheets in a slouchy but kinda straight position. Send your top arm to your butt and your bottom arm to your clit then indulge in some double dipping, stroking or vibing. Spreading the pleasure to both intimate areas, along with this super-relaxed and familiar state, will turn your solo time into one soothing, sensual session.

We hope you liked our run down of the best solo sex positions with toys! Remember, pleasure is all about exploration and experimentation. With the discreet delivery and fast shipping that Gal Pal is known for, you can rest easy knowing your new toys are on their way. All sent in plain brown packaging – ensuring your adventures remain your little secret. Let us help you make every solo session a journey of self-discovery and boundless enjoyment. Check out our best self-love toys here!

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